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April 6th 2017

Lots going on now we have advertised the Tiger I which is selling well with many customers wanting to collect all our future releases. I certainly need to get out more and with a visit planned to the tank museum in May a visit to the War and peace revival show in July looks like a must. In the past have mainly visited airshows but the Tiger I has opened up a whole new world to us.

April 5th 2017

We have just recieved a copy of Britain at War which this month features the Tiger I. We are mightily impressed with this substantial magazine which features many in depth, well written articles not only on the Tiger but many other aspects of warfare. This month there are articles on the WW I air war, a downed Battle of Britain Bf109E, bombing raids on Portsmouth, and an RAF PoW in Burma and much more.

Britain at War

For more info on the magazine click on the image above. Tim and I both highly rate this magazine so it looks like we will be subscribing.

March 10th 2017

You will be aware that we now have in-house decal printing but you may not know that our latest tech also allows us to print very high quality T-shirts and mugs. Over the winter months I have created 20 aircraft designs based on aircraft through the ages as part of our 20th anniversary. All these exclusive designs have now been copyright protected and are available on both T-shirts and mugs. Our T-shirts are all top quality 215 gsm cotton. The T-shirts and mugs are available through our Diverse-Images website or via the new T-SHIRTS & MUGS button at the bottom of the left hand column. Personally I love the SR71A Blackbird.

Diverse Images new aircraft T-shirt and mug range

We are now taking orders for the T-shirts and mugs but won't be in production until mid April. When ordering a T-shirt please state the size you require not your dimensions. This is the start of a new range which will grow and develop over the years. So if there is a particular aircraft you think we should add to the range please send me an email.

March 3rd 2017

The first tank in our new 1/48 range is now in production. The new Tiger I is absolutely stunning, we are really pleased with the result. The Tiger weighs over 1 Kg (2.5 lbs) and features our first highly detailed cast resin base. The level of detail we have acheived is quite fantastic thanks to our 3D printer which gives me a great starting point from which to work from. I have learned several new techniques during this project which I can carry through to our aircraft range. For more information on the Tiger I click on the image below.

1/48 scale Tiger I S04 of Michael Wittmann as fought at Kursk during 'Operation Citadel' with full crew.

Our next aircraft release will be the English Electric Lightning F3 in 1/72 scale. Some of you may remember our Silver Lightning F1A which sold out very quickly last year. This new Lightning F3 features the two tone grey scheme flown in the mid 1980s with the addition of a blue spine and tail to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Lightning Training Flight of which XR749 belonged. But why are we doing a model of a training flight Lightning? Good question, this particular Lightning is rather special. In the hands of its pilot Flt Lt Mike Hale it intercepted a Lockheed U2 spyplane flying at high altitude. It then went on to take part in speed trials down the North Sea with various other fighter aircraft of the period together with Concorde. XR749 was the only aircraft to overtake Concorde.

Lightning F3 which intercepted a U2 spyplane and overtook Concorde.

As you can see XR749 was a pretty special Lightning which is why we thought it would make an excellent subject.

February 10th 2017

A very busy time since my last post the Ultimaker is now upgraded to full 2+ spec and I have been hard at work on the Tiger I. For more on the Tiger I please visit my tank blog here. The 3D printer upgrade went well dispite some scary moments

Ultimaker 2 board.

The daunting sight of this wiring made me have second thoughts but the instructions were good and now I am back up and running again.
While I have been sculpting the Tiger tank I have been planning our next aircraft release and what subjects we are going to chose for the rest of the year. Now we have 'in house' decal printing the sky is the limit with what we can choose, but it is a bit like being a child in a sweet shop with so much to pick from.

January 27th 2017

I am sorry it has been so long since my last blog post but it seems as if everyone has bought our aircraft models with their Christmas money and we have been really busy.
I can announce that I am now on Tiger sculpting and, contrary to what some may think, we are NOT stopping releasing new aircraft - far from it!
We have a lot of projects in the pipeline and as ever continue to explore more complex subjects having developed techniques on simpler aircraft. The Tiger is leading me to try out new methods which I will be able to employ on the aircraft so there is a lot of synergy between the two subjects not forgetting that we produce both in 1:48 scale.
As you see below progress is good on the Tiger but for a more detailed explanation visit my tank blog here.

Tiger I progress

In other news we have just recieved the upgrade kit for our Ultimaker 2 3D printer. You may remember last year I fitted the 'Olsson block' to enable me to fit different size nozzels. Well now Ultimaker have released a more comprehensive upgrade.

Ultimaker 2 upgrade kit

You want to see in the box? Of course you do....

Ultimaker 2 upgrade contents.

Well this is what you get for 380. The main part in the foreground is what's known as the 'hot-end' where the plastic is melted and exttuded out of the intercahangeable brass nozzel which you can see below the yellow triangle. This updated unit has revised cooling fans on each side. Next to the hot-end the black cylindrical item is a revised shorter spool holder so the printer won't take up so much space. Above the spool holder is the most important new part for me, a new feeder mechanism which will result in fewer print failures. The plastic I use (ABS) is very hard and rigid and is difflcult for the existing feeder to push through to the hot-end which, when it fails causes gaps in the print and I have to start again. The rest of the contents are no where near as interesting.
I hope to fit the upgrade in the next week or so and first use it on printing the remaining tank parts. Then my printer will be the latest spec and known as an Ultimaker 2+.

January 1st 2017

This is a very important year for us as it marks our 20th anniversary. We have come a long way in 20 years when we released our first aircraft, the 1:144 scale Bristol Blenheim Mk IV. This was Tim's father's aircraft and from this little acorn we have continued to develop our skills to 1:72 and now 1:48 scale aircraft. Not only the size of the aircraft has changed but the complexity and detail has grown as well.
As you will be aware this year will see us launch our new tank range the website for which is already up and running. We do have several other projects underway which will be announced over the next few months so as ever - follow the blog for the latest news.